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How An Entrepreneur Increased Her Reach To 160M+ In 8 Months [Infographic]

Marie Davis, the founder and CEO of natural beauty brand Ria’s Beauty Collection, adopted a new PR outreach process in October 2021. In the eight months since she began this journey, she’s increased her reach significantly and leveraged that visibility to meet some of her other brand goals.

Ria’s Beauty Collection experienced an increase in engagement and sales after a half-page business feature in top-selling womxn’s magazine, Woman’s World

Ria’s Beauty Collection experienced an increase in engagement and sales after a half-page business feature in top-selling womxn’s magazine, Woman’s World 

However, the focus of this post is the impact that her outreach efforts have had on her reach.

17 Features In 8 Months

Ria's Beauty Collection got 17 Features In 8 Months

Marie has averaged two media features a month since October. And in the process, she’s shared information about her brand, products and entrepreneurship journey. Specifically, she’s secured:

  • 7 Entrepreneur profiles: Allowing her to share her origin story, experience and qualifications
  • 7 Product features: Highlighting the features and benefits of various products
  • 2 Entrepreneur features: In which she shared her expertise and further demonstrated her value
  • 1 Business feature: Spotlighting the brand, the Queen behind the brand, and her signature products

This spread has allowed Marie to curate an experience of her brand that gives potential customers and partners the opportunity to get to know, like and trust her and her offerings.

Brand Features Across Various Mediums

Ria's Beauty Collection got brand features across mediums

The features have been online, offline and across mediums, presenting potential customers with various formats to engage. For example:

  • Fox 4 KC: This was a product feature on a station that serves a population of approximately 2,104,509 and 896,850 television households, according to Nexstar Media Group, Inc.
  • Woman’s World: This print feature was a half-page business spotlight, in a magazine with an audience of 4,620,000 readers. The digital version of the mag gets 5 million monthly unique visitors and they also have a following of 866K people on social media, so their reach extends beyond their print issues.
  • Just ahead of Christmas, Marie got a product feature in a holiday gift guide on This lifestyle platform is a part of the Hearst Magazines Digital Media portfolio, which serves over 60 million readers monthly.

Media Features Timeline

Marie started off strong with five media features in October 2021, and she has kept that momentum by consistently pitching her brand.

Timeline showing when Ria's Beauty Collection earned media features, as well as types and medium

Potential Reach

After analyzing the platforms to determine the best metric to use to gather uniform data, I settled on visits pulled from SimilarWeb. SimilarWeb defines total visits as, “the sum of all visits to a website…used as a measurement of website traffic and website visitors.”

Five of the platforms had less than 5,000 monthly visits, so I didn’t include them. However, despite this omission, total visits for the platforms added up to 160,070,000 visits.

Of course this doesn’t mean that Ria’s Beauty Collection would have been discovered during each of those 160 million website interactions, but a targeted and well-timed message can positively impact brand awareness, website traffic and even sales.

And even if just 2% of this potential audience engage the brand, that’s still 3,201,400 engaged consumers who can be taken on a customer journey, with the view to converting those who would benefit from her products into loyal customers.

Message from Ria’s Beauty Collection about the effect of a feature in Woman’s World magazine

Message from Ria’s Beauty Collection about the effect of a feature in Woman’s World magazine 

And in addition to being on 17 new platforms with bigger audiences than her own, where potential customers can discover her brand, Marie has also gained:

  • 17 new relationships with journalists that she can continue to leverage for as long as she maintains them
  • 17 new pieces of content that can potentially show up in search engine results when customers are looking for natural beauty products
  • 17 new high quality links to her website, which shows search engines that her site is trusted and credible 
  • 17 new sources of referral traffic to her website

Plus the added credibility that comes with known and trusted media outlets talking about and recommending her brand.

How Did She Get Her Brand Featured?

None of these are paid features, Marie earned them by putting herself out there strategically. Here’s how she did it, she:

  1. Identified media outlets and opportunities in alignment with her brand and marketing goals
  2. Determined the right point of contact to pitch her brand to (following best practices)
  3. Pitched her brand consistently, following a process optimized for brand awareness and digital reach

Learn How To Increase Your Reach

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entrepreneur increased her reach to 160 Million in 8 months infographic by Black Girl PR

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