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Your Brand Can Have A Bigger Impact

If you're reading this, you're probably looking to get publicity for your brand so that:
  • You develop an emotional connection with your target audience, and they get to know, like and trust you
  • You build credibility and people see you're the real deal
  • You get your brand’s message in front of potential customers and draw them to your website — just one story could reach thousands...

    Get Publicity For Your Business Without Breaking The Bank

    You can achieve all of this by tapping into a system that targets the exact people who need to see your message.

    A system that helps you stand out from the rest while doing the heavy lifting for you so you attract customers with ease.

    By partnering with Black Girl PR, you get:

    • Access to this proven system
    • Coaching on how to leverage it to maximize your exposure
    • An accountability partner and support

      Give Your Brand A Competitive Advantage

      1. Partner with a Digital Marketing Strategist who knows what you need to do to draw traffic to your website.
      2. Work with a PR Specialist who's versed in securing magazine covers, TV spots and other traditional and digital media features.
      3. Gain insights from a former Editor who knows what media outlets look for in a good story, as well as what it takes to build relationships with the media and become a long-term collaborator.
      4. Team up with a consultant who's focused on serving Black womxn, rather than erasing them. 
      5. Partner with a firm invested in your success. We operate on the African philosophy Ubuntu, which means, “I am because we are.” Essentially, our success as an enterprise is tied to your success as a business, with our success of as a collective being the ultimate goal. 
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        What Clients Are Saying About Working With Black Girl PR 

        "Where do I even start???!!! First off, Nantale of Black Girl PR’s ability to be personal and warm is very welcoming and settling. Each time we met for our sessions, the positive energy was always on point, the education and the agenda.

        I learned so much about PR! I could never have fathomed all that's available to me. I just didn't look at myself as someone who needed PR or could afford it, either. I think a lot of entrepreneurs think the same.
        We don't think we're a big enough deal or we just don't have the knowledge to make a good solid decision about PR. 

        I was very much educated and completed our time together feeling inspired, activated, excited about what was truly possible for me in the realms of PR.

        Because of Nantale and Black Girl PR, I now have a long-term connection, clear strategy, vision and strong desire to utilize all that I have learned from Nantale. I will definitely use her services again and again!

        Thank you so much Nantale. I will never view PR the same way, again! You are definitely out here enlightening us Black girls in business. You are very much needed and appreciated! Keep educating! Hats off to you, Love!"
        Jaree, Mommy Get Your Peace

        "Black Girl PR recognizes the diversity of missions and marketing styles that black businesswomen deserve.There is no one size fits all plan and Nantale gives consistent feedback and followup. I never feel like I can't turn to her and that is why I proudly choose this company.

        I have seen a 60% increase in traffic and monetization of my art work since working with Nantale, most specifically with my swimwear collection.

        ~ TreZure, Conch + Cowrie