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Black Girl PR was created to support Black womxn who are creating generational wealth through entrepreneurship by helping them amplify their message and reach the right people at the right time.

Why Partner With Black Girl PR?

  • You want your brand featured by the media and on bigger platforms
  • You want to increase your reach and be seen by more people
  • You want people to recognize and trust your brand
  • You need help with SEO
  • And you want to get more sales!

Benefits of Working With Black Girl PR

  1. Partner with a Digital Marketing Strategist who knows what you need to do to draw traffic to your website.
  2. Work with a PR Specialist who's versed in securing magazine covers, TV spots and other traditional and digital media features.
  3. Gain insights from a former Editor who knows what media outlets look for in a good story, as well as what it takes to build relationships with the media and become a long-term collaborator.
  4. Team up with a consultant who's focused on serving Black womxn, rather than erasing them. 
  5. Partner with a firm invested in your success. We operate on the African philosophy Ubuntu, which means, “I am because we are.” Essentially, our success as an enterprise is tied to your success as a business, with our success of as a collective being the ultimate goal. 

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What Happens During a Strategy Session?

Prior to your session you'll complete a questionnaire about your business. This will be used to gain some insight into your marketing efforts and combined with additional research about your brand in order to create a custom plan for you.

During the session, you'll be presented with the plan, as well as steps that you can take in the future to ensure continuous your results. The best way to integrate the plan into your workflow, any tools you might need, and templates that may help you will also be discussed.

You'll also be able to ask questions and get clarity on anything that you're uncertain about.

All strategy sessions take place via Zoom and are recorded. You'll receive the recording shortly after the meeting so you can refer back to it as needed. 

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What Types of Strategy Sessions Are Available?

  • 45-Minute PR Strategy Session: Ideal for a specific question or project that you need support with
  • 45-Minute Media Kit Consultation: Ideal if you're looking to leverage your media kit to get publicity
  • 75-Minute PR Strategy Session: Good option to jump-start your PR for a project or launch
  • 75-Minute Digital Marketing Session: Ideal if you want a website/SEO review and a strategy to draw traffic to your website
  • Accountability Packages: Best if you want a long-term plan and a partner to help you execute it

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What Clients Are Saying About Working With Black Girl PR 

"Where do I even start???!!! First off, Nantale of Black Girl PR’s ability to be personal and warm is very welcoming and settling. Each time we met for our sessions, the positive energy was always on point, the education and the agenda.

I learned so much about PR! I could never have fathomed all that's available to me. I just didn't look at myself as someone who needed PR or could afford it, either. I think a lot of entrepreneurs think the same.
We don't think we're a big enough deal or we just don't have the knowledge to make a good solid decision about PR. 

I was very much educated and completed our time together feeling inspired, activated, excited about what was truly possible for me in the realms of PR.

Because of Nantale and Black Girl PR, I now have a long-term connection, clear strategy, vision and strong desire to utilize all that I have learned from Nantale. I will definitely use her services again and again!

Thank you so much Nantale. I will never view PR the same way, again! You are definitely out here enlightening us Black girls in business. You are very much needed and appreciated! Keep educating! Hats off to you, Love!"
Jaree, Mommy Get Your Peace

 "I didn’t even realize the importance of having a public relations specialist on my team. Let me give you a few points about why a relationship with Black Girl PR is important for your brand’s exposure.

  1. First of all, she’s skilled at what she does. You’ll learn that in your very first encounter with her. The information that she provides is so crucial to the growth of your brand.
  2. She is affiliated with all the Black-owned brands that YOU need to get to know in order to create an upwardly mobile collaboration.
  3. Nantale has the striking ability to meet you right where you are. There’s no ‘above your head’ jargon. She explains your strategy in a way that you understand and fully grasp.

It’s so important to be able to recognize a diamond when it crosses your path. Nantale of Black Girl PR is that diamond."

Sonya, Black Storehouse


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