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Client Case Studies

This Queen Increased Her Reach To 160 Million+ In 8 Months [Infographic]

entrepreneur increased her reach by 160 million

This was the case with beauty brand owner Marie. Her brand, Ria's Beauty Collection, adopted our PR outreach process and it helped her gain 17 media features and increase her reach to 160,070,000 in 8 months.

Here we break down what happened and how she secured the TV, print magazine and online (including a feature in a journal!) features.

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This Is What Impact Looks Like  

Barbs "The Emotional Alchemist" featured in Daily News

Barbs "The Emotional Alchemist," CEO and founder of Bold Dialogue, was recently featured in Zimbabwe's most popular newspaper, Daily News.

In addition to being great for brand visibility, she was also able to share her brand mission in a meaningful way. Which is an excellent way to signal people with similar goals and values, and to connect with them.

Take a look at our analysis of the feature here.

What It Looks Like When Your Brand Makes The Newsstands

Ria's Beauty Collection featured in Woman's World magazine
Marie managed to secure a feature in the best-selling womxn's weekly magazine Woman's World, which has an audience of 1.9 million readers.
Getting a feature in a magazine that's a staple in homes across the country is a play for a couple of reasons, but I broke down the numbers to show what increasing your reach looks like.

Alumni Mag Features Are a Big Flex

Nah I'm Just Pretty featured in Mary Baldwin University magazine

Social enterprise founder Lavoughnda has been featured by Forbes and secured some local press, but being held up as a success story by her alma mater is a whole different ball game.

Especially because her mission is to combat colorism and she’s bringing this hugely-important topic to the forefront in a space where Black womxn are sorely under-represented.

Click here for the case study. 

How A Beauty Brand Got 5 Press Features In November

Ria's Beauty Collection featured on

November is peak holiday shopping season, 61% of shoppers start their holiday shopping but most are focused on deals because of Black Friday.

Getting featured in holiday content and gift guides is a good way to stand out during this time. Ria's Beauty Collection did just that. She pitched her brand to outlets and managed to get five press features in November. Read on to find out how she did it. 

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How This Brand Bodied PR And Totally Owned Their Brand Presence

MADAMA Magazine cover

TreZure took a totally different approach, she embraced the idea of being your own media and created her own platform.

Her offering amplifies BIPOC womxn’s voices and products, while also boosting her own presence and showcasing her brand.

It’s a bold and impressive move, plus there's the added element of turning brand assets into collectible art works! 

Click here to read more.

How This Jewelry Brand Is Curating A Magnetic Online Experience

Adorned In Taji featured in The Story Exchange

Adorned In Taji's Nay Marie stands out in this interview because in sharing authentically, she reveals her mindset and values in a compelling way.

This is a good example of the magnetic approach, where you curate an online experience that allows customers to fall more deeply in love with your brand. Tap in and see for yourself.

Read the case study here.

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Jaree Weston testimonial 

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 Bold Dialogue in Daily News

Adorned In Taji Rolling Out

screenshot of chat with Marie Davis on WebMD feature screenshot of Instagram post of Marie Davis' WebMD feature

Shemeka Wright featured in Voyage LA

Camille Fanfair on News 12

Ria's Beauty Collection featured in Time magazine.png Ria's Beauty Collection featured on Ria's Beauty Collection featured on Fox 4 KC

Jaree Weston in Voyage Baltimore


Nah I'm Just Pretty in Mary Baldwin University alumni magazine

Adorned In Taji in The Story Exchange

Bold Dialogue featured in CB Nation Bold Dialogue featured in CB Nation
Nah I'm Just Pretty in Voyage STL.png
Barbs "The Emotional Alchemist" on national radio email from Barbs of Bold Dialogue

Ria's Beauty Collection in Woman's World

message from Marie Davis after Woman's World feature message from Marie Davis after Woman's World feature

Ria's Beauty Collection testimonial

Ria's Beauty Collection in Giejo MagazineMarie Davis in The Story Exchange

Marie Davis in Authority Magazine

Ria's Beauty Collection in Circle Around