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Black Girl PR™ is a Black-owned digital PR firm focused on helping Black women in ecommerce curate content that gets publicity and media coverage, so they reach more people and have a bigger impact

We've helped our clients expand their reach to a potential audience of 7,444,490,273+ consumers, and increase their website traffic and sales by up to 60%.

They've been featured on major platforms like Afrotech, Black EnterpriseEbonyEssence, InsiderRolling Out, Shondaland and Time.

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Insider article with headline stating "meet the 5 mentees participating in Indider's first mentorship program for entrepreneurs"

Case Studies

From an Insider feature expanding your reach to 578 million, to what it looks like when you're featured in a newsstand magazine. This is what expanding your reach looks like.

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Put Yourself On, Don't Wait To Be Discovered


The Review That Made Me Cry

When you understand the true meaning of my name though, you'll understand why! Read the review.

Nantale Muwonge in Black Enterprise for Entrepreneur of The Year

Who Is Black Girl PR™?

Nantale Muwonge is a content wizard with big plans for Black Girl PR™. Here's how she got started and why she chooses to amplify Black women's voices.

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