The Brand Impact Program™

The Brand Impact Program TM

You Deserve To Have A Bigger Impact

What impact would reaching more people have on your business?
  • More sales?
  • More consistency? 
  • Revenue that frees up your time so you can spend it with your loved ones? Working on another stream on income altogether? Or just drinking wine and eating chocolate on a Monday morning because you can...

If you could get your brand in front of more people — but not just any people, your people, the people who need to see your message — would you?

Expand Your Reach

If you're ready to put your brand on bigger platforms and increase your reach, this 6-Week program may be for you.

The Brand Impact Program has three main elements:

  1. An online program that teaches how to implement a system that gets you press features and publicity
  2. Mentorship and weekly group coaching calls to guide you through the process
  3. Accountability and support to help you stay on track and get the results you need

If you want to explore how The Brand Impact Program can help you expand your reach, schedule a strategy call.

We'll talk about your vision for your brand, what you need to get where you want to be, and whether you're a good fit for the program.

Client Testimonials

"I learned so much about PR! I could never have fathomed all that's available to me. I just didn't look at myself as someone who needed PR or could afford it, either. I think a lot of entrepreneurs think the same.

We don't think we're a big enough deal or we just don't have the knowledge to make a good solid decision about PR. I was very much educated and completed our time together feeling inspired, activated, excited about what was truly possible for me in the realms of PR.

Because of Nantale and Black Girl PR, I now have a long-term connection, clear strategy, vision and strong desire to utilize all that I have learned from Nantale. I will definitely use her services again and again!"

~ Jaree, Mommy Get Your Peace


"Black Girl PR recognizes the diversity of missions and marketing styles that black businesswomen deserve.There is no one size fits all plan and Nantale gives consistent feedback and followup. I never feel like I can't turn to her and that is why I proudly choose this company.

I have seen a 60% increase in traffic and monetization of my art work since working with Nantale, most specifically with my swimwear collection."

~ TreZure, Conch + Cowrie


"I had invited Black Girl PR to be an expert at our event in June. My participants LOVED her so I decided to reach out to her to support me with preparing for my event.

Black Girl PR's commitment to helping me understand the PR process was impressive. Because of her work, I was able to create a strategic plan for publicizing my upcoming event."

~ Malliron, Baddies with Business


"While we’re still in the process of building our media kit, we started putting out feelers that landed me a potential interview with Voyage LA — so the whole strategy we built around gaining more attention from the press has been really beneficial. I’m excited to see if we can continue to grow that, as far as getting noticed by other magazines."

~ Lavoughnda, Nah, I’m Just Pretty