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Interviews and media features highlighting Black Girl PR™ and Founder Nantale Muwonge.

I'm In Black Enterprise For Being Entrepreneur of The Year

Nantale Muwonge in Black Enterprise for Entrepreneur of The Year
I started the year by being named one of LinkedIn's 25 Inspirational Black Women in Marketing, got featured in Essence twice, made the cover of Bold Dialogue magazine, got a mention in the Harvard Business Review, was featured by the African American Marketing Association and several Black publications, won Buy From A Black Woman's Business of The Year award for the second year in a row, and now this!
Being selected as Entrepreneur of the Year by Black Women Marketers and making it into Black Enterprise. What a year! Read the full article here.

Featured By LinkedIn As One of 25 Inspirational Black Women in Marketing

Nantale Muwonge Black women in marketing LinkedIn
This feature came out towards the end of Black History Month and just blew me away! I'm named on LinkedIn's list of 25 Inspirational Black Women in Marketing among Queens I have admired throughout my career! Still freaking out about it, still feeling incredibly honored to be among such formidable, impactful Queens. Check out the full list here.

OSU Recognizes Black Girl PR™ As Top Black-Owned PR & Communications Firms

Black Girl PR recognized as top Black-owned PR firm by Ohio State University's School of Communications

The No. 1 Communications School in the country, Ohio State University's School of Communications, recognized Black Girl PR™ for the accomplishments we've made in the communications field and named us on a list with greats like Black Enterprise.

Such an honor! Read the article here.

I'm On The "50 Black Marketers To Watch" List

African American Marketing Associan's Black marketers To Watch

The African American Marketing Association just announced their list of 50 Black Marketers To Watch and I'm on it! Being recognized on industry lists is always an honor, but being recognized by the Black community for work that I'm doing for the Black community is something different.

Especially because this is all about Black economics and Black liberation for me. It's about helping legacy-builders leverage the media to drive traffic and sales, so we can leverage our economic and political power to make things better.

Check out the list.

Rolling Out Featured Me For Women's History Month

Nantale Muwonge featured by Rolling Out for Women's History Month

I got to participate in Rolling Out's Women's History Month again this year and
this is my favorite interview to date because it's just real talk. We spoke about purpose. I'm at a point in my life where 100% of my time is occupied with my purpose. When I'm not working on Black Girl PR, I'm doing my spiritual work. It looks like insanity from the outside, but it's what keeps me sane and grounded.

Read the article here.

Novo Featured Me For Black History Month

Nantale Muwonge featured by Novo for Black History Month

My bank featured me for Black History Month! I was so excited when they reached out because being recognized by a financial institution is serious!

Check out the business spotlight here.

Women of Rubies Featured Me In Their Global International Women’s Day Campaign

Nantale Muwonge featured by Women of Rubies for Women's History Month

Women of Rubies featured me for Women's History Month and as a part of their International Women's Day campaign. Here's the feature and here's the IWD campaign.

CanvasRebel Interview Where I Speak About My Near Death Experience

Meet Nantale Muwonge CanvasRebel interview

Up until 2020 I used to have moments of existential dread where I just felt like I wasn't doing enough with what I know and what I have. I’ve always volunteered and recycled and done all the things that you're supposed to do to be a good human, but it just kept coming back. 
Then I was in a car accident that wrecked my life, but also kind of didn't. It forced me to look deeper at a lot of things. And of course I realized that I wasn't actually doing enough to make the world better.
I mentioned this in my CanvasRebel interview because there's nothing sexy about the way Black Girl PR™ was born. Black Girl PR™ was borne out of fire, it's the fire that fuels me. That's something I think people need to know. Read the interview here.

Harvard Business Review Feature For Equal Pay Day

How Black Women Can Navigate Pay-Gap Gaslighting
Lola Bakare wrote this incredible article entitled "How Black Women Can Navigate Pay-Gap Gaslighting" for the Harvard Business Review for Black Women's Equal Pay Day, and I'm lucky enough to have been able to lend my voice to the piece! 
It's packed with actionable insights and good information that can actually help us navigate work environments better. Read the full article here.

I'm In Taji Magazine Volume 32 (The Energy Issue)

Taji Magazine Volume 32 Energy Issue

Excited to be featured in Volume 32 of Taji Magazine among some of the greatest Black creatives of our time! This issue also features the legendary Dahveed Nelson Gg4 (did you see the teaser on the cover?!) and it has a couple of other surprises that I don't want to spoil. See for yourself, grab a digital or print copy here.

Guess Who Made The "50+ Black Marketers on the Rise" List 

Nantale Muwonge featured in 50+ Black Marketer on the Rise by AAMA list

To be recognized by the African American Marketing Association - one of the dopest marketing organizations, let alone a group dedicated to our upliftment and success is making me feel ALL the things! I'm so happy and I feel so honored! If you're looking for a sign, take this as a reminder to keep going. Keep doing what feeds your spirit, all the rest of it is just icing on the cake! Check out the full list of Black Marketers on the Rise here.

Black Girl PR™ Featured in Growth Suite Interview With Founders Series  

Nantale Muwonge founder of Black Girl PR
Excited to be featured in Growth Suite's blog series with online stores, Interview with Founders. Check out the interview, I shared some background on Black Girl PR™ - how we even got started - and what makes us different... And I got to talk about client reactions and what they love about us too, which is always fun to share! Read the interview here.

Nantale Muwonge & Black Girl PR™ Featured in Inaugural Issue of EMOIR Magazine

Spring 2022 issue of EMOIR Magazine by BLKWomenHustle

Very proud to have made it into BLKWomenHustle's latest manifestation of excellence, EMOIR Magazine. This magazine is exactly what I've always wanted, an absolutely magnificent display of the depth and breadth of our boundless talent.
From the gorgeous cover to the very last page! And the Queens highlighted in the magazine are straight fire!
I'm already thinking of ways I can be in it again because this is where I want to be, among Queens who are boldly walking in their powerClick here to check the magazine out for yourself.

Not Me On The Cover of Bold Dialogue!

Nantale Muwonge on the cover of Bold Dialogue Magazine

I’m on the cover of Bold Dialogue’s April 2022 issue! It’s blowing my mind because I’ve gotten covers for clients before, but I never imagined that I could even be on a cover. Plus it's a magazine from the Motherland, which just proves that borders aren't real and our message will always reach those who need to hear it. Check it out for yourself, read the cover story here.

I Got Candid With The Story Exchange On How A Car Accident Shaped My Career

Nantale Muwonge interviewed by Authority Magazine

So grateful that I got to share a part of my story with Rolling Out for Women's History Month. I don't shy away from the fact that my journey here has been challenging or that I had to be pushed in this direction. Black Girl PR™ was borne out of struggle, there's nothing romantic about how it came to be. But what I've learnt about walking through fire is that you come out of it with fire-bending skills. Read the full story here.

Shared Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started My Consulting Business With Authority Magazine

Nantale Muwonge, founder of Black Girl PR

I got interviewed by Authority Magazine! They specialize in interviewing Authorities across industries and have interviewed people like Shaquille O'Neal, Kelly Rowland, Floyd Mayweather, and C-Suite execs at companies like eBay, American Express, Intel, FedEx etc. They don't play! They went IN with the questions, and I didn't hold back...
I shared how structural racism led to me creating Black Girl PR™ and more. Check out the full interview here

The Story Exchange Featured Me In An Article On The Top 5 Most Popular Industries For Pandemic-Era Startups

Nantale Muwonge featured in The Story Exchange
At The Story Exchange they regularly collect data about women business owners, and they noticed a pattern when looking back to 2020. This article highlights the most popular industries for startups since the pandemic hit, and I'm excited to be featured in their discussion of Marketing & PR. 
Check it out to see their full breakdown! Read the article here.

My First Local Feature - Voyage Phoenix

Nantale Muwonge Black Girl PR Founder
Excited to be featured in the Inspiring Stories section by Voyage Phoenix! It's always good to get some press at home! If you want the full story about me, my background and how Black Girl PR™ came about, check it out. This is a deep five! Basically my life as I knew it came to an end, so I decided to build a life around my purpose. Read more here! 

I Made The "22 BIPOC Women Taking Over 2022" List

MADAMA Magazine
MADAMA Magazine celebrates 22 BIPOC Women Taking Over 2022 and I made the cut! They wrote, “Every Black woman in business should have at least one consultation with Nantale…Once you’re on her radar she’s gonna make sure you know everything you need to know to take your business all the way to the top.”
So honored to be featured! Check out the full write-up in this client case study article, where I break down why this magazine is such a play. Read more here.

The Story Exchange Feature Highlighting Founders Who Started A Business When The World Shut Down

Nantale Muwonge

Check out Black Girl PR being featured among a group of resilient women who took a leap of faith and launched their businesses during the pandemic. And look who's the cover image for the article?! Featured by independent, women-led outlet The Story Exchange, you can read about how we're pursuing our entrepreneurial goals in spite of what's happening outside here

Black Girl PR™ Makes BlkWomenHustle's Inaugural Black Women Entrepreneurs To Watch List

Black Girl PR makes BlkWomenHustle's Entrepreneurs To Watch list

Lowkey freaking out because the "industry disruptors and change agents" on this list are Queens I've been following for a while! I'm in their groups, cuttin' up in their comments section on Instagram and I've just been admiring them from afar for ages! It's blowing my mind to be featured among them! What an honor! Read the full write-up here.

Black Girl PR™ is Being Recognized for Stellar Service in Professional Services in Global

Black Girl PR recognized with Stellar Business Award

Such a wonderful surprise! Black Girl PR™ has been recognized for our work in Professional Services with a Stellar Business Award! We were awarded this honor of excellence "by displaying impressive levels of integrity, ethics, and value to the community in their everyday business practices." I need to print out the letter and frame it! So honored! Read more about the award here. 

I Won A Buy From A Black Woman Business Award!

Buy From A Black Woman Award - Della Trophy

Peep the 2021 Buy From A Black Woman Business Awards announcement, featuring all the Black women-owned businesses that won Business Of The Year in various categories. Black Girl PR™ won in the Professional Services category, taking home the Professional Services Agency of The Year Award! And as a result, we got to take home a gorgeous Della trophy, which debuted this year! She's GORG! A trophy with textured hair y'all! See the full list here. 

The Story Exchange Wrote About How I'm Helping Black Women-Owned Businesses Boost Their Brands

Nantale Muwonge Black Girl PR
Black Girl PR™'s very first feature! Great interview by award-winning nonprofit media organization, The Story Exchange and also our very first business profile!
Check it out! 
Learn more about how Black Girl PR came to be, our mission, purpose and get some background on who I am as a person...  
Read the full story here.  

Guest Articles

Articles that I wrote for some of my favorite Blackity Black platforms and some industry platforms.

LinkedIn: Behind Every Good Marketer Is a Great Mom
Behind Every Good Marketer Is a Great Mom

I got to write for Linkedin! And it's one of my most favorite things that I've ever written! Learning more about these incredible women, and honoring their beautiful Mothers while honoring mine is just a next level experience for me... And I'm going to savor every single second of it! Check out the article for yourself.  

Essence: How To Navigate A Healthcare System That Doesn’t See Your Pain

How To Navigate A Healthcare System That Doesn’t See Your Pain by Nantale Muwonge

I almost didn't make it. And I didn't even admit that to myself until a couple of weeks ago! Which is why I wrote "How To Navigate A Healthcare System That Doesn’t See Your Pain" and pitched it to Essence. I need as many Black women as possible who might be going through this while navigating our racist healthcare system to know that there is hope. I'm living proof of that! Read the full article here. 

Essence: Signs It May Be Time To Break Up With Your Doctor

Signs It May Be Time To Break Up With Your Doctor

My doctors didn't even care that I was daydreaming about smashing my car into walls because of the medication they had me on... At the time I thought it was me, but now I understand how systematic racism and implicit bias in medicine can really mess you up and derail your healing.
That's why I wrote this article for Essence. So if you're struggling with your doctors check it out, or you know anyone who's struggling, send this to them. I need anyone struggling to know that it's not us, it's them! Read the article here.

EMOIR Magazine: The Black Woman's Guide To Informed Consent

The Black Woman's Guide To Informed Consent article in EMOIR Magazine

So a couple of weeks ago I met a Consent Advocate (didn't even know this was a thing!) and she was telling me about an event that she's been putting on for the last 9 years that centers Black women. Their voices, their desires, their rights, and very specifically, it centers Black women's informed consent.

Because we've been robbed of informed consent for generations. We've been forced to work, experimented on and to this day, because we exist in a system that only sees us as objects, we regularly have to deal with people violating our consent.

But anyway, tia was schooling me and we got talking about how to actually assert our rights and boundaries in settings with a messed up power dynamic. And she had such seamless and practical advice that I immediately thought we should create a guide. Check out the guide.

Taji Magazine: Nikki Porcher Believes Black Women Deserve To Tell Their Stories

Nikki Porcher article in Taji Magazine

I got to write about Nikki Porcher and Buy From A Black Woman's docuseries, The Living Examples, which highlights 24 Black women founders. She created the series to give us living examples of Black women in our communities who are thriving against the odds, and also to create a space for us to share our stories.

It's quite a story behind the series (she traveled to 19 cities!) and each episode takes you on a journey through the struggles and triumphs of doing business. Which I found reassuring because entrepreneurship isn't easy, but to know that it's possible to make a real difference because other Black women around us are doing it is incentive to keep pushing.

Check out the latest issue of Taji Magazine (Vol. 35) for the full story.

EMOIR Magazine: A Black Woman's Guide To Recovering From Corporate PTSD 

A Black Woman's Guide To Recovering From Corporate PTSD article in EMOIR Magazine

I have so much respect for Sharitta Marshall. She's been through itLike so many Black women in corporate spaces, she was mistreated to the point that she had to quit. But instead of just walking away and saving herself, she's created an organization that seeks to make these spaces better, so others don't have to suffer through being devalued the way she did.

And on top of that, she also creates resources for Black women who may not have access to her services through their jobs, which is how this guide in EMOIR Magazine came about. You can read the guide here.

PR Daily: Don’t Do PR For Black History Month

PR Daily article for Black History Month by Nantale Muwonge

We see so many PR campaigns that should never have made it past the discussion phase During Black History Month. Which is why I wrote this article for PR Daily. Black History Month isn't a marketing opportunity, it's an opportunity to dig deeper into how you're actually investing in a more equitable future. And it's very clear who's invested. I go deeper into why in the article, read my full breakdown here

EMOIR Magazine: Entrepreneurs Share Their Opinion On Juneteenth Becoming A Federal HolidayEntrepreneurs Share Their Opinion On Juneteenth Becoming A Federal Holiday

I got to capture the opinions of some of the greatest minds of our time for EMOIR Magazine. Queens like April Showers, Jazz Monè and one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Lanny Smith, weighed. They all had something of substance to share, they always do! We wanted to elevate our voices, and we've done that with "Entrepreneurs Share Their Opinion On Juneteenth Becoming A Federal Holiday." Read the article here, it's dope!

EMOIR Magazine: 5 Harm Reduction Strategies To Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout

Founder of Black Girl PR Nantale Muwonge

EMOIR Magazine just launched a new website and I got to be a part of the launch!

I wrote an article called "5 Harm Reduction Strategies To Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout" because this approach has really helped me step out of the cycle of overworking and burning out.

Take a look at it, you might find something helpful! Read the full article here.

More EMOIR Magazine Articles

Press Releases

Nantale Muwonge Named Communications Professional of The Year  

26/4/2024: Guess who's been named Communications Professional of The Year by the American Business Awards®? Out of 3,700 nominations from across the country, I couldn't be more proud! Read the full release.

Nantale Muwonge Named Entrepreneur of the Year By Black Women Marketers

15/12/2022: Very proud to announce that I've been selected as Black Women Marketers 2022 Entrepreneur of the Year. The award designates an agency owner who's building and sustaining a successful agency. Read the full release.

Certified Blackity Black: Black Girl PR™ Officially A Black-Owned Business

11/26/21: For Black Friday, it's fitting to announce that Black Girl PR™ is now officially a certified Black-Owned business. We don't want you to ever have any doubt about who you're partnering with, and we're very proud to represent our heritage in the work we're doing for our community. Read the full release.

Black Girl PR™ Receives Business of The Year Award

11/23/21: Black Girl PR™ is excited to share that we've been named the 2021 Professional Services Agency of The Year by Buy From A Black Woman. The leading women's marketplace and nonprofit organization honored their businesses of the year at a virtual ceremony this past weekend. Read full release.

Black Girl PR™ Ranked Top Consulting Firm in Scottsdale

7/26/21: Black Girl PR™ just got ranked the No. 1 consulting firm in Scottsdale, AZ! That's out of 150,000 agencies in over 500 categories! We also ranked in several other categories, including PR firms, reputation management, crisis communications, SEO companies and digital marketing agencies. Read full release.

Black Girl PR’s DIY Guide Makes PR More Accessible To Black Businesses

6/21/21: Black Girl PR™ is proud to announce the launch of the DIY PR Action GuideThis digital guide is specifically designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to gain exposure to larger audiences. Read the full release here. 

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