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This Is What Impact Looks Like (And Why Visibility Is Just A Tool)

This is Barbs "The Emotional Alchemist," Founder and CEO of Bold Dialogue in all of her glory. In this half-page feature, she's being highlighted in award-winning independent publication Daily News, Zimbabwe's most popular newspaper!

Visibility Is Just A Tool

My favorite thing about this is the fact that Barbs is sharing her message with 100,000+ people. Among other things, Barbs is a cancer survivor, and she wrote about the trials she overcame on her healing journey in her book Pain, Heartache and Forgiveness. 

“The book was inspired by my own experiences; I mean health challenges that came with 14 surgical operations and nine months of deafness, the passing on of my mother and the grief that I was going through, my marriage that was falling apart and even relationships with some of my friends,” she told Daily News.

Barbs wrote the book to help other womxn suffering from cervical cancer.

“I hope they can find hope or relief, and that they find healing along their journey,” she said.

Impact Is The Goal

Cervical cancer is the second most common type of cancer in womxn aged 15 to 44 in Zimbabwe, which makes this feature all that much more significant. It means that Barbs can: 

  • Help spread awareness about the disease
  • Bring hope, and show us that surviving and thriving beyond a diagnosis is possible
  • And share her story so others can use it as a bridge to healing on their own journeys

Basically, she's getting her message in front of more people, so she can help more people and have a bigger impact. And as a psychotherapist and healer who helps womxn transcend trauma in order to truly operate from a place of excellence, her impact is deep.

Barbs is literally using her platform to heal her community.

What Does Impact Look Like To You?

Which leads me to a question for you: Considering the impact that you're already having on your environment, what would it look like if you amplified your message? What would it look like if you actually shared your mission with the world, so the people who need to see you finally do?

Because with PR you can...

If this is something you want to explore for your brand,  take a look at our free case study video, "How To Get Publicity For Your Business Without Breaking The Bank." It'll walk you through the steps that Barbs used to amplify her message. Good luck!

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