The Voice Behind Black Girl PR™

Nantale Muwonge - Black Girl PR Founder


I am Nantale Muwonge, one of LinkedIn’s Inspirational Black Women In Marketing, an award-winning writer and content wizard, and the founder of Black Girl PR™. 

Black Girl PR happened by force. I was pushed!

I was freaked out by Breonna Taylor's murder and the police openly killing Black people without impunity, stressed by how hard our community was being hit by Covid-19 because of racial disparities, unsettled by the insanity of the lockdown, in total isolation away from my family, and I was struggling with my health after a car accident and being mistreated by racist doctors.

It was a lot going on at the same time! But it forced me to go inwards and really look at my purpose.

When I settled my soul and thought about how I could contribute to all of this in a meaningful way, I landed on helping Black womxn founders.

Because Black womxn founders invest in their communitiesIt's an investment that you can't even quantify when you consider the fact that America is where it is because of Black womxn. Black womxn raised American children, fed American families, tilled America's soil...And most of that was unpaid!

So I decided I was going to teach Black womxn in ecommerce how to get publicity and media coverage, to increase their visibility and ultimately drive traffic and sales. Because on the real, we need money to advocate for ourselves in this country. Nobody is coming to save us.

That's how Black Girl PR™ was born.

I'm On A Mission

@blackgirlpr Third time #ubuntu has come up this week, so sharing a clip on why I talk about it. Do you talk about what matters to you in your branding? #biztok #blacktiktok #blackwomenoftiktok #community ♬ Lazy Sunday - Official Sound Studio


Black Girl PR™ is Ubuntu in action. Because we're so deeply intertwined, by helping Black womxn founders expand their reach so they have a bigger impact, I amplify my impact.

Which is why I created The Brand Impact Program™, a program that not only teaches you how to get media attention, but how to leverage it to meet your brand goals. Because even though visibility is the immediate outcome, impact is the goal.

Black Girl PR client results so far


This approach has allowed me to help 2,500+ entrepreneurs increase their market share over the last two years. And for the core group of clients who’ve been through The Brand Impact Program, I've helped them expand their reach to a potential audience of 2,600,589,700+, and increase their website traffic and sales by up to 60%.

They've been featured on major platforms like EbonyEssence, Fox TV, Insider, MSN, Rolling Out, Shondaland, Time and Yahoo News.

Legacy-Builders HMU

These Black womxn are also running the enterprises of the future, so they're boldly claiming their rightful places as leaders in their industries. They're using the visibility to forge partnerships, gain corporate sponsorships, and even win awards.

They are formidable womxn who are driven by something greater than themselves. And watching them shine continues to be one of the greatest delights of this work.

If you're building a legacy that people need to know about, because you know visibility will allow you to more easily achieve your business goals and help more people, let's connect.

Let's talk about how to elevate your brand so that it's perceived and received by the exact people who need you in their lives.