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Nantale Muwonge - Black Girl PR Founder


I am Nantale Muwonge, the voice behind Black Girl PR™. I founded Black Girl PR during the pandemic when I realized that Black entrepreneurs aren't supported the way they should be when it comes to online marketing.

Actually, I was pushed...

I was freaked out by Breonna Taylor's murder and the police killing Black people without impunity, stressed by how hard our community was being hit by Covid-19 because of racial disparities, unsettled by the craziness of the lockdown, in total isolation away from my family, and I was struggling with health issues after a car accident (which I wrote about for Essence).

It was a lot going on at the same time! But it forced me to go inwards and look at my purpose.

When I settled my soul and considered how I could support my community in a meaningful way, I landed on helping Black entrepreneurs.

Because Black entrepreneurs invest in their communities, which puts money in people's pockets. And we need money to advocate for ourselves in this country. Nobody is coming to save us.

So that's how Black Girl PR™ was born.

Purpose and Mission

"In Africa there is a concept known as ‘Ubuntu’ – the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievement of others."

~ Nelson Mandela

Black Girl PR™ is Ubuntu in action. I was raised on it, I live by it, so it's only natural that it's the guiding philosophy of my business.

I teach Black womxn in ecommerce how to get publicity and media coverage, so they reach more people and have a bigger impact. Helping them amplify their impact, amplifies my impact.

When they win, I win. And I only win when they're winning! Which is why I've created a program, The Brand Impact Program™, that's driven by results. Because even though visibility is the immediate outcome, impact is the goal.

Experience and Background

I've been in the content space for over 20 years. In high school, I was headhunted for a Junior Editor position at a national newspaper and I've never looked back. 

I went on to have a successful career in print (as a Writer and Editor), radio (as On-Air Talent, a DJ and a Producer) and PR (as a Media Liaison and PR Specialist).

As the media landscape changed, I pivoted to online media.

Editorial Experience

In 2013, I joined the leading women's media platform SheKnows as their International Editor, overseeing content creation for SheKnows Canada, SheKnows UK and SheKnows Australia. During my tenure:

  • I grew traffic to our international properties and more than tripled our readership, increasing new users by 335%
  • I built and managed a global team of 23 editors and writers  
  • I was recognized as a social media influencer to follow by BizWomen

PR & Digital Strategy Experience

I then joined a global real estate brand as their PR and Digital Media Specialist in 2016. I secured the front cover of a major industry publication (among other placements), and almost doubled traffic to the corporate blog after implementing SEO best practices.

From January 2018 up until I left corporate America in September 2020, I was a Lead Content Strategist at award-winning digital marketing agency Investis Digital (formerly Vertical Measures). 

My content consistently earned the no. 1 position in Google search results, as well as prime impression spots like featured snippets. I worked with clients across industries and won multiple company and industry awards during my time there.  

Education and Memberships

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology (cum laude) and a Master of Arts in Media and Communications Psychology (summa cum laude).

I am a Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate, I have a Digital Marketing for SMBs Certification from Semrush, and I have certifications in social media marketing, growth hacking and Google Analytics (Advanced).

I'm also a proud member of the Black Marketers Association of America and the African American Marketing Association.

Honors and Awards

Nantale Muwonge featured on LinkedIn's Inspiring Black women in Marketing list

Image courtesy of LinkedIn 

Check my LinkedIn profile for my full resume. 

I Understand the Assignment

I know how to create an online experience that stops people mid-scroll, compels them to look a little deeper into your brand, and ultimately draws them right to you. And you know your brand inside out. Together we can elevate your brand so that you're seen and received by the right ones for you.

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