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Why Being Featured In Essence For Wellness Month Is Major

My second article for Essence just came out and it's also a wellness piece. This article, Signs It May Be Time To Break Up With Your Doctor, is a follow-up to my first article, which addressed How To Navigate A Healthcare System That Doesn’t See Your Pain.

I talk about wellness from time to time because a year and a half ago I could barely walk, so sharing the parts of my journey that help people see the possibilities is a part of my mission. 

The fact that this article was published for National Wellness Month is just poetry and I want to break down why. 

1. Trending Topics Can Boost Your Traffic

my Essence article being promoted on Facebook for wellness month

Trending holiday content gets a lot of action, it’s

  1. What consumers are being pushed towards through marketing and advertising
  2. What everybody's talking about in the moment
  3. And what people are usually searching for 

This is why trending content gets a lot of traffic when it's done properly, which means that people seeking out wellness content right now are more likely to see this article. 

2. Trending Content Can Improve Your Discoverability

brand discovery can happen at any moment

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All the energy and effort that's being put towards this content means people are more likely to discover you as a part of their online experience. And of course, we want to put our brands in a position where people can discover us in multiple places and spaces, so they start to recognize us and form a strong impression. Therefore, anything that improves our discoverability in a meaningful way is good.

3. Trending Content Helps You Meet Customers In Key Moments

Trending holiday content allows us to connect with consumers in the moment. When they're looking for wellness content and they discover content that you‘re featured in that meets their needs, then congratulations! You’ve just engineered a meaningful interaction with them and depending on your call-to-action, you’re more likely to get a conversion.

Don’t Sleep On Trending Holiday Content

Trending holiday content is low-hanging fruit, you might as well reach for it. If you’re strategic about it and you incorporate it into your marketing plan, you can capitalize off of spikes in traffic all year long.

If this is something that you want to do, if you want to get your brand on bigger platforms the way I did with Essence, and especially in moments where they're looking for what you have to offer, then grab my free case study video. In How To Get Publicity Without Breaking The Bank,” I walk you through the process that I use to land press features. Just enter your best email address and you'll get instant access to the video. 

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