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How This Jewelry Brand Is Curating A Magnetic Online Experience

I can’t get over something that Adorned In Taji’s Nay Marie said in her interview with The Story Exchange.

They asked her how she finds inspiration on her darkest days and after sharing how she cares for herself in those moments, she said, "What I put in is what I will get out. I have to sow the seeds and water the plants if I want them to grow."

The Power of Sharing Authentically

I love this message for so many reasons, but mainly it captured me because it shows how thoughtful and intentional she is as an artist and designer. Which by the way, is something that you can immediately tell when you encounter her brand online!

Adorned In Taji adornmentsAdorned In Taji adornments for men
Images courtesy of Adorned In Taji

And then when you look more deeply into how she works, the materials she uses, her mission etc. this really shines through…

Authenticity Is Important for Brands

Image via Oberlo

But it’s the way she’s curating an online experience that allows you to fall more deeply into Adorned In Taji stands out. This is what hooks consumers and draws them to you! More importantly, it’s what hooks customers who are in alignment with your brand, which is exactly what we want!

Curate Your Brand’s Online Experience

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