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How One Client Changed The Way I Do Business

One of the main reasons that I switched from having one-off consultations, to having a program where I walk you through how to get and leverage PR, is that I started to see what happened when I partnered with Queens long term.

​These Queens were the ones who got incredible results, they were the ones who were doing amazing things like TreZure Empire, whom I mentioned in my post about the brand that totally bodied PR

​Watching her implement a strategy that we completely customized to fit the way she thinks and the way she moves, and that she could incorporate into the way she does business without feeling stressed out, was a game-changer for me. Especially because she saw a 60% increase in website traffic and sales! Which is huge!

Why I Switched From Strategies To A System

It made me realize that long-term partnerships where we work side-by-side are a better, more impactful way to serve.​

I then began pushing for longer engagements and I noticed that the Queens who were able to fully grasp the strategies, were able to take my system and bend it to their will without breaking it because they understood why it worked the way it did. And the added accountability and regular check-ins, meant that they followed the steps and quickly implemented everything.

So I pivoted. I stopped selling digital products and speed-dating my clients (that’s what it felt like!). Instead, I focused on serving in the most impactful and supportive way possible, which is how The Brand Impact Program™ came to be…

What is The Brand Impact Program™?

The Brand Impact Program™ is a 6-week program for business owners looking to generate publicity and press features, so they reach more people and have a bigger impact. It's designed for Queens looking to:

  • Increase their market share
  • Build credibility
  • And consistently place their brands in front of their ideal customers

If this sounds like you, you can learn more about what the program entails here. And if you have any questions about it, you’re welcome to email


Black Girl PR™ is a Black-owned consulting firm that serves Black womxn across the diaspora and in Africa. We help ecommerce brands get publicity and media coverage, so they reach more people and have a bigger impact.

If you want to learn how to do this for your brand, check out our free case study video, "How To Get Publicity For Your Business Without Breaking The Bank."

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