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I Got Featured By LinkedIn (Why Being Featured On Major Platforms Is A Move)

So I woke up to the news that I’d been featured by LinkedIn in 25 Inspirational Black Women in Marketing! I totally freaked out when I read the article, this list is STACKED! It has heavy-hitters like Bozoma Saint John on it y’all! 

It’s pioneers, trail blazers, innovators all gloriously wrapped in unapologetic Blackness and I’m beyond honored to be in such brilliant company.

In terms of PR, I wanted to break down why this is major and how getting featured on trusted outlets could benefit your brand. Here are six reasons:

1. Get in Front of Your Target Audience

LinkedIn is the No. 1 platform for business and professionals in the world, so being featured here places me directly in front of the people I want to talk to.

2. Increase Your Reach and Visibility

LinkedIn has 810 million members! And this article is going to be served to them via the platform, email, and all of their social platforms.

It’ll also be served to anyone searching for Black womxn in marketing online because  LinkedIn is a high-ranking, trusted website so their content is typically in the top search results, making this feature great for visibility.

3. Boost Your Brand's Credibility

This is a trusted platform, they’re No. 1 in the industry and a go-to destination when we want to verify business information. Plus, this article was written by the Editor in Chief, a trusted expert whose opinion holds weight. So to be hand-picked and publicly named along with other foremost marketing experts is a massive credibility boost.

81% of consumers buy based on trust

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4. Get High-Quality Backlinks

In this case the article links to my LinkedIn profile so people can follow and connect with me, but typically media features link back to your website (referred to as a backlink). And backlinks from authority, trusted websites are great for your brand. They’re good indicators of a healthy, trusted website that help boost your website’s visibility.

5. Excellent Timing

This article came out during Black History Month, so for anyone intentionally trying to find and connect with others in alignment, content like this makes us easier to find. Capitalizing on holidays, seasonal events and trending news is a play because we already that people will be looking for related information, so we can place ourselves in their path of discovery.

6. Bonus: Make Your People Proud

whatsapp screenshots

I added this one because I can’t stop smiling about it and I hope that as you build your brand presence and the people in your life see your hard work paying off, you get messages like these.

tldr Building a brand experience that allows people to discover you while engaging platforms that they trust is a play. And you want people to fall more deeply into your brand, the more they look into you. 

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