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How This Brand Bodied PR And Totally Owned Their Brand Presence

I got a notification that I was mentioned in a post on Instagram, and when I looked it was a WHOLE magazine feature by one of my FAVORITE Favorites, a Queen named TreZure Empire.​

One of my favorite things about TreZure is how prolific she is. She’s always finding new ways to express her gifts and bring forth her art, and each time she drops something it just confirms what the rest of us already know her creativity knows no bounds. You can read more about her and how she prompted me to change my business model here.​

If “Be Your Own Media” Was a Person…

Her latest offering is MADAMA Magazine, is a project celebrating 22 BIPOC Women Taking Over 2022.​ Created specifically for the womxn she serves, it has a gift guide featuring their favorite things, stunning and original art works, affirmations, and profiles of 22 phenomenal BIPOC womxn.

She totally took me by surprise with my profile, she wrote, “Every Black woman in business should have at least one consultation with Nantale…Once you’re on her radar she’s gonna make sure you know everything you need to know to take your business all the way to the top.”

​Another excerpt: “A true artist advocate, Nantale has been a consistent mentor and friend to my business initiatives, always reminding me of tools to implement, what is new in SEO management and how to connect with the greater society of Black women in entrepreneurship. At every stage of development, Nantale is ready to see us expand.”​

I’m so moved because watching her shine has been a gift in and of itself, so this whole situation just makes my heart happy!

MADAMA Magazine's Black Girl PR profile

Why You Should Leverage Your Own Media

But best of all, she has totally embraced the idea of being your own media. She’s created her own platform and it’s giving everything that it needs to give:

  1. Her magazine has now become a source that others will seek out and refer back to.
  2. She’s using her platform for good and amplifying the voices of BIPOC womxn. And if the womxn featured weren’t brand ambassadors before, she’s probably won them over with this, so in addition to sharing the magazine they’ll likely be engaging and championing her brand in the future.
  3. She’s created something highly-shareable, and thus likely to get even more eyes on her brand.
  4. She’s embodying her mission and values in such a memorable way this isn’t something her audience is going to forget.
  5. And she's giving potential brand partners, collaborators and sponsors a glimpse of what she's capable of, and probably putting her brand on the radar of many who may not have heard of it before.

    It’s a masterclass in how to have a meaningful impact. I’m so proud of her!​ If you want to leave a lasting impression by curating content for bigger platforms than your own so you reach more people, cop my free case study video, "How To Get Publicity Without Breaking The Bank." Enter your best email address and you’ll get instant access to it.


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