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How A Beauty Brand Got 5 Press Features In November

Here's why you should shoot your shot and reach out to journalists to tell them about your brand. Beauty brand owner Marie Davis has been doing exactly this and getting amazing results.

Last October I dropped a PR Holiday Planning Checklist that walks you through how to reach out to journalists to get your brand featured in trending holiday content like gift guides, product roundups, listicles etc. and Marie snagged it. 

A couple of weeks later she got her first press feature, and then she got another one and another one and just kept going! 

How Press Features Can Benefit Your Brand

Marie ended up getting five press features in November, which was huge because 61% of shoppers start their holiday shopping in November, according to the National Retail Federation.

In terms of impact, this meant that her brand now had:

  • 5 new platforms with bigger audiences than her own, where potential customers can discover her brand
  • 5 new relationships with journalists that she can continue to leverage for as long as she maintains them
  • 5 new pieces of content that can potentially show up in search engine results when customers are looking for natural beauty products
  • 5 new high quality links to her website, which shows search engines that her site is trusted, credible and may ultimately improve her website's ranking
  • 5 new sources of referral traffic to her website

Plus the added credibility that comes with known and trusted media outlets talking about and recommending your products.

Get In Front of Bigger Audiences

Ria's Beauty Collection Shondaland press feature - Black Girl PR

Image courtesy of Ria's Beauty Collection / Instagram

Let’s break down what it means to get in front of a bigger audience. Marie didn’t stop with those press features, she scored another feature on (Shonda Rhimes’ lifestyle platform!) in December. In this article she got to share her expertise, thus demonstrating her value in addition to showcasing one of her products. This is an excellent approach and more memorable than hard-selling.​

Let's talk numbers for a moment. According to Shondaland’s website, their content is served to over 60 million readers a month. And at the time of publishing, they had:

  • 153K followers on Instagram
  • 122K followers on Facebook
  • 139.4K followers on Twitter​

Not only has Marie placed her brand on a platform with a massive audience and a team dedicated to driving traffic to this platform, but she got to leverage their entire marketing machine, which was dedicated to driving traffic to their holiday content in December.​ So you can reach a significantly larger group of people with one carefully placed piece of content.

This is something that you can do, get strategic media placements that capitalize on seasonal holidays and trending searches throughout the year.

Ria's Beauty Collection Black Girl PR Testimonial

Image courtesy of Ria's Beauty Collection / Instagram

At the time of publishing Marie had earned 10 features in six and a half months. She got one in October, five in November, the feature in December, a Fox TV spot and a small business spotlight in January, and has two so far in March (including a feature in top-selling magazine Woman's World).

Get Publicity For Your Business

Ria's Beauty Collection Fox4KC press feature - Black Girl PR

Image courtesy of Ria's Beauty Collection / Instagram

All it requires is a tried-and-tested system and actually following the steps, because if you don’t take action, you won’t get very far.

If you’re the type of person who takes action like Marie, and you want your brand to be featured on bigger platforms than yours, take a look at my free case study video, "How To Get Publicity Without Breaking The Bank." 

how to get publicity without breaking the bank case study video


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