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9 Benefits of Working With a Black-Owned PR Consulting Firm

Black-owned PR consulting firms are normalizing showing up as we are. Not editing or censoring our self-expression in spaces that can’t handle the complexity and fullness of our Blackness. And we’re here for brands that want to align with companies that excel when it comes to cultural intelligence because they're no longer accepting minimum effort and superficial gestures. 

If that sounds good to you, peep the benefits below to see what it's like to work with a Black-owned firm.

1. You Don't Have to Explain Yourself  


You don't have to give us a history lesson or explain your cultural context. You don’t have to translate yourself.

We are you, we see you. We support whatever it is you want to say and are just here to help amplify.  

2. You Don't Need to Edit Yourself  


You can never be too loud, too colorful, too angry or even excessively Black. But low key, excessively Black is a flex.

3. You Won't Need to Defend Yourself


You don't need to justify yourself or where you're coming from. And there are no Karens or Kevins to trigger (just conscious folx doing the work!), so you won't need to defend yourself either.

4. We Are Not Gone Police Your Tone  


We're here to capture the essence of your message and we know that sometimes it comes from a place of pain or even anger. We've created brave spaces where expression isn't diminished by tone-policing. 

5. You Don't Have To Worry About Respectability Politics 



Frfr, just do you Pooh.

6. We Understand the Assignment




To help you share your brand story using structures and frameworks traditionally known to suppress Black voices, without losing the essence of your message.

And we have a way with words, so we know how to deliver a message!

Stand out online: Marketing For Black-Owned Businesses

7. We Appreciate You



For thriving in an environment designed to trip you up, for betting on yourself, for building a legacy that benefits us all we appreciate you. And we gone celebrate you out loud! 

8. It's Safe For You to Be



Your existence is a gift and we have no interest in doing anything other than enhancing your time here. So while fully aware of our own internalized biases that we’re working to dissolve, we intentionally and mindfully strive to be a safe space for you.

9. You'll Be Supporting a Black Business Too 



You'll be patronizing a Black business and adding dollars to the Black business community in a meaningful way. Thank you for that! 

On the real though, this is about a working relationship where you don’t have to worry about colleagues casually traumatizing you and you can just focus on the work. Well, you can focus on the outcomes and we’ll focus on the work!


Black Girl PR™ is a Black-owned PR consulting firm for Black womxn in business who want to optimize their online real estate. The firm specializes in digital PR and digital marketing strategies that attract your target customers to your website and paint a positive picture of you online.

If you want to learn more about how to do this for your brand, check out our free case study video, "How To Get Publicity For Your Business Without Breaking The Bank."

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