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How To Leverage November’s Holiday Traffic To Create Momentum For 2023

Last year Ria's Beauty Collection got five media features in November. She was mostly featured in trending holiday content like gift guides, which the platforms were promoting heavily at the time.

Ria's Beauty Collection got 5 press features in November 2022

The fact that 61% of shoppers start their holiday shopping in November, according to the National Retail Federation, made this even better.

progress made in holiday shopping by early november

Image via National Retail Federation

Why? Because she’d placed her brand in relevant content on high-ranking platforms when consumers were actually looking for it.

Using Seasonal Traffic To Create Momentum

The resulting traffic and buzz created serious momentum for her! She went on to get 25 media features over the next 11 months, including a TV spot on Fox 4 KC, a business feature in top-selling womxn’s newsstand magazine Woman’s World, and mentions by WebMD and Time.

And of course she saw an uptick in traffic and sales as a result of the exposure.

Ria's Beauty Collection email about traffic and sales

How Did She Do It?

Ria’s Beauty Collection built media relationships that she was able to leverage to get consistent features because she knew:

  1. Who to pitch her brand, so she didn’t waste time on journalists who wouldn’t even respond
  2. When to pitch, so she was giving journalists what they want and when they need it
  3. How to pitch her brand in a compelling way, so media outlets actually wanted to feature her

And she’s reached a point where journalists are now reaching out to her with interview and feature requests:

Ria's Beauty Collection email about media reaching out to her
email from Nurse Journal about being featured in content

If you want a breakdown of the exact strategy that she used, watch our case study video on how to get publicity without breaking the bank.

Leveraging What We Already Know

In summary, you can leverage the increased holiday traffic that we already know is coming, to drive targeted traffic to your website and to create a buzz about your brand that you can ride well into 2023. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, so why not try it to see how far you can go?


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