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Come Hunting With Me (The Review That Made Me Cry)

It took me a couple of days to process this review, I'm so moved. It's the part where Shemeka says, "You will learn how to fish, she helps you help yourself!" 

Shemeka Wright's review of Black Girl PR

Why This Hit Me So Hard

It's because my name, Nantale, is actually an invocation. Nantale is a clan name of the Mpologoma Clan, the Lion ClanLions hunt, they don’t wait around to be fed. Which is probably one of the reasons that I chose to teach you how to hunt, so you can be self-sufficient in this way rather than your PR being an ongoing expense.

Because you can go anywhere on the internet to hire a publicist. You can type "how to do PR" into YouTube and find videos that’ll probably help you on your journey. 

But if you want to develop a skill set that’s going to help you create a lasting impact so you can be a leader in your industry, then that’s when you should come to me.

It's Deeper Than Popularity

If you just want to be popular, there’s plenty of other people who can help you with that. Respectfully.

But if you want to be in a community of like-minded womxn, where you can develop a skill set and be able to carry that skill set throughout multiple businesses… 

Where you can learn how to do PR and marketing that helps you:

  1. Stand out from the rest
  2. Get in front of the people who need to see you (i.e. customers, partners, collaborators etc.)
  3. Create opportunities for corporate sponsorships, partnerships, media coverage etc.
  4. Share your mission and vision
  5. And drive traffic to your site!

If you want to learn how to fish like Shemeka, then check out my free case study video. I explain how to get publicity without breaking the bank. And I keep it simple, just three steps! Click through to watch the video and then come hunting with me!


Go shop with Shemeka at Be You Candles! She's an exquisite candle-maker and truly a delight! I stan.


Black Girl PR™ is a Black digital PR firm for Black womxn founders and innovators. We teach them how to curate content that gets publicity and media coverage, so they reach more people and have a bigger impact. 

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