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Should Your Work Speak For Itself (Or Should You Be Your Brand's Voice)?

Your work should speak for itself, as an entrepreneur you shouldn't have to put yourself out there in order to market your brand. CEOs for big brands are behind the scenes. The brand is the focus, not the person behind the brand. So, why should entrepreneurs be any different?

This is not my opinion, but I’ve heard it enough that I wanted to speak on it. 

The entrepreneurs who said this to me feel that the quality of their products is good enough and should attract customers without them having to put themselves out there.

They specifically said they’re modelling big brands, so I want to address the misconception that CEOs are quietly invisible as opposed to key players when it comes to a successful marketing strategy.

Visibility Is A Strategic Play

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CEOs and founders have always been the face and voice of the brand. Or if not, some other likable member of senior leadership has taken on this role. This is why they write thought leadership pieces, do speaking engagements, and carve out other ways to build a presence (e.g. Undercover Boss).

And in cases where the CEO is more focused on their real target customers, shareholders and investors, they maintain visibility by sending newsletters, meeting with them regularly (usually quarterly), and striving to maintain a public profile that doesn't upset their stakeholders. Basically, they engage them actively to maintain a positive connection.

Also, because these types usually aren't relatable to the people who actually buy their products and services, they use brand ambassadors, influencers and actors in their ads so the consumer can see themselves represented and connect to that.

Human Connection Trumps Everything

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Which brings me to my next point: Big brands know that people connect to people, not businesses. This is why they sponsor athletes, celebrities and heavily rely on the social capital of people of influence to connect with consumers. So why not do this for yourself since you’re in a much better position to connect with people because you don’t necessarily need a middleman?

How To Let Your Work Speak For Itself

There is a smart way to let your work speak for itself though, big brands use storytelling to give people something to connect to. You can mimic this in a way that works for you, using your story as the point of connection. And because your story is completely unique to you, it'll help you stand out from everybody else in the marketplace.

This will attract people who can relate to you, and people who identify with your brand values and mission. And if you're able to successfully take them on the journey to becoming paying customers and they love what you do, they’ll end up raving about how amazing you are and essentially becoming brand advocates. 

As these types of experiences get more exposure because you strategically amplify the buzz by creating case studies and other compelling content, you’ll find yourself in a position where your work basically speaks for itself through fans and brand advocates. 

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And one thing we know for sure is that other people co-signing and talking about us holds more weight when it comes to consumer thinking, so this is an effective way to help shape your brand narrative into something that catches people’s attention and compels them to take some kind of action around your brand.

A human connecting to humans is the most powerful way to build consumer trust while humanizing your brand.

Nantale Muwonge, Black Girl PR™

If you’ve gotten this far but you still don’t want to be in the spotlight like that because you prefer to be lowkey, then you can still leverage employee stories, influencers and brand ambassadors. And definitely invest heavily in ads!

But just know that being a human connecting to humans is the most powerful way to build consumer trust while humanizing your brand at the same time.


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