PR Strategy Session - Pick My Brain For 60 Minutes - Black Girl PR™

PR Strategy Session - Pick My Brain For 60 Minutes

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Use This Strategy Session As A Shortcut

Do you have questions about how to be more effective with your PR? Or a PR project that you need support for? Such as:

  • Putting out a press release
  • Refining a public statement or speech
  • Coming up with a feature idea to pitch your brand to the media
  • Refining your game plan for a product launch

If so, use this strategy session as a shortcut. Save time by getting expert advice on the best steps to take to get where you want to be.

I Know What It Takes To Get Attention

As a PR Strategist and Editor, I know exactly what it takes to get attention. Use this time to pick my brain, rather than Googling what to do and then trying to figure out if the Google result is actually legit.

I'll tell you what works for your industry and your niche

What It's Like Working With Black Girl PR