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Media Kit Workbook | 7- Second Impression Method

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Did you know that journalists get anything from 11 to 26 pitches a day? That's 77 to 182 pitches a week! It's A LOT of pitches to go through!

Best believe that some are just deleted on sight if they look incomplete or unprofessional. Plus, you have just seven seconds to make a first impression of your brand.

Seven seconds is enough time to grab the attention of the reader if your media kit is designed with this in mind though.

The 7-Second Impression Method

This step-by-step process is specifically designed to capture the essence of your brand and immediately set you apart from the rest!

Use the 7-Second Impression Method to create a media kit that makes a powerful first impression of your brand.

Here's What You Get

  • A Media Kit Workbook that guides you through what to include in a media kit to come correct and best represent your brand...
  • A done-for-you media kit template that you can just plug your information into...
  • Instructions on how to assemble the kit...
  • Tips on how to design and review your media kit like a pro...
  • And a link to design templates (like the ones below!) that you can customize to make your own. done-for-you template to simplify the process for you
Black Girl PR media kit example Black Girl PR media kit example Black Girl PR media kit example

Client Testimonials

"I sat down with the workbook and it really forced me to think through my brand in a way I haven't in a while and crystallize the main points, but more importantly the feeling I want people to take away from any communications I put out about the brand." ~ Ashley, Atlanta  


If you are anything like me, you have a million things on your mind. A checklist for every part of your fabulous life as a BO$$ of your own dreams. Sound familiar?

Well, don't miss out on this opportunity to have a worksheet to guide you to your next finish line. "Finish is always better than perfect!"

I jumped at the opportunity and so should you. It's super helpful to have prompted questions to help keep you on track and navigate through your thoughts.
~ Shantelle (S.LadyBug), Las Vegas   


"This workbook was just what I needed to guide me to get media coverage for my new business. It literally made everything so plain and laid out.

Definitely a must have for any entrepreneur or artist needing PR." ~ Ithiopia, Atlanta

    Media Kit Consultation

    Want to leverage your media kit to get press using a customized strategy? Get the 45-Minute Media Kit Consult instead  it's the Media Kit Workbook plus a 1:1 consultation. Cut out the guesswork so you can get straight to werk!

    Jump-start your PR strategy with this 1:1 session.

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